Ever wish you were able to take a top from one dress and the skirt from another?



We were so excited to have our Martina Liana Custom Design in Separates Training Party! A fabulous little box arrived filled with fun goodies and amazing information on this new collection. (Including delicious cupcakes from http://thecupcakelounge.com/).


Martina Liana Separates offer a series of skirts, tops, corsets, belts and jackets that can be mixed and matched to create stunning and unique looks. The fabrics are made of the highest quality, including Deluxe Dupioni, Duchess Satin Silk, Bellagio Crepe, French Tulle, and Parisian Silk – just to name a few.


Brides are able to try on different skirts paired with different tops, to make a look completely their own. With 77 different combinations of looks, we were eager to mix and match and see what we came up with! As we were styling the pieces, it was amazing to see how one skirt or top can take on completely distinct looks throughout the many combinations. The possibilities were endless.

Our Urban Chic look :

'Ciara' Bodice and 'Sachi' Skirt

‘Ciara’ Bodice and ‘Sachi’ Skirt – featuring Charlotte Mills shoes.


Our Boho look :

The 'Tyler' top and 'Sanja' skirt

The ‘Tyler’ top and ‘Sanja’ skirt

Our Fairytale look :

The 'Cayla' bodice and the 'Stevie' skirt.

The ‘Cayla’ bodice and the ‘Stevie’ skirt.


We had completed all of our #myMLstyle challenges, but we just couldn’t stop!

TrioCan you see why we’re in love?

Another amazing feature of this collection, is that you are actually able to wear some of your bridal pieces beyond your wedding day! (Or even later, as your getaway outfit to your Honeymoon)!

We paired the ‘James’ blazer and the ‘Tyler’ top together with some skinny jeans to create an elegant and chic day-time look. Perfect for fashion-forward days at the office, a fun dinner party, or any special occasion event.

The 'James' Blazer and the 'Tyler' top.

The ‘James’ Blazer and the ‘Tyler’ top and Charlotte Mills shoes.


We cannot wait to style our brides with these gorgeous pieces, and experiment with the incredible different looks.


With Love, XO